Nominations for the 2025 International Prize in Statistics will open in early January 2024. The 2023 International Prize in Statistics will be announced in early 2023 and presented at the ISI World Statistics Congress in July 2023.

Points to Consider

  • The prize is awarded for a major achievement developed through a single contribution or multiple contributions over a period of time.
  • The prize is meant to recognize powerful ideas that have led to breakthroughs in statistics and data science and demonstrated impact on applications, methodology, theory, or practice.
  • The prize can be awarded to individuals, teams, or organizations.
  • The prize is presented at a major international meeting of statisticians and supported by ceremonies and intellectual activities that enhance the visibility of the award.
  • Generally, the prize is awarded to individuals, but groups of individuals working on similar ideas—or even teams of individuals or organizations—can be recognized.
  • The recipient(s) must be living at the time of selection for the award.
  • Information about the award will be communicated to the public in a way that will enhance public understanding of the depth and scope of statistical science and its impact on modern life. Part of this information is captured through the nomination process.

Nomination Packet

A nomination packet consists of the following:

  • Contact information for the person(s) being nominated and the person making the nomination
  • The nomination form and all the information requested in it, which includes the following:
    • CV(s) of the nominee(s)
    • Four letters of reference that focus primarily on the contribution, its importance, and impact. Other information, such as descriptions of the nominee’s contributions to other areas, their professional leadership, mentoring, etc., is fine, but should be brief.
    • Description of the relationship between the nominator and nominee(s)
    • Title and brief description of the nomination (major contribution/achievement)
    • Description of importance and impact of the contribution (max 1,200 words, explaining the contributions of the nominee(s) in terms understandable to a nonspecialist)
    • Draft citation of the contribution (max 150 words)

The committee reserves the right to contact the nominator and writers of the support letters to seek additional information and insight.

Unsuccessful nominations are carried over for one selection cycle (two years). Nominators are responsible for updating their nomination if they so desire. The deadline for updating is the same as the deadline for nominations.

Email the completed nomination form and related materials to by October 31, 2022.